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What is Poke?

Poke /poʊˈkeɪ/ is a tasty traditional Hawaiian staple made with fresh seafood and ingredients.

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Poke not your thing?

No worries. Try one of our bowls or dishes.

Grilled Steak Teriyaki Bowl with Rice/Salad

Steak Bowl

Cooked to order grilled steak in Teriyaki sauce

Salmon Bowl

Grilled Salmon fillet in Teriyaki sauce

Chicken Bowl

Grilled breast cutlet in Teriyaki sauce

Chicken Katsu Bowl

Breaded deep-fried breast cutlet in Katsu sauce


Thinly sliced beef in Dashi Mirin sauce with sauteed onions

Yakisoba Noodle

Chicken / Shrimp

Fried Rice

Chicken / Shrimp / Combo. Try it spicy!
Ckicken Teriyaki Bowl with Rice/Macaroni Salad

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